Use of opioids in the management of oncological pain

Lilisbeth de la Caridad Benitez Rojas, Antolin Rene Benitez Rojas, Sahily de la Caridad Rojas Perez

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An updated literature review was made using the resources available in Infomed, specifically Ebsco and PubMed, and from MEDLINE database with the aim of describing updated aspects of oncological pain management using opioid medications. Of the total bibliography consulted, 35 where cited in the work, using qualitative research methods. It was concluded that opioids, especially morphine, are the drugs of choice in these cases. Most of the literature consulted refers that the management of cancer pain is inadequate due to insufficient knowledge of health professionals about their evaluation and strategies to reduce tolerance, physical dependence, opioid addiction influences the negative attitudes of patients, and family members and the inconveniences related to regulations for the control of these drugs and their adverse effects.

Key words: morphine; cancer pain; analgesics; opioid; opioid rotation

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